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1) Get Trained -- Whether you’re a new rider or someone with years of experience, there’s a MSF RiderCourse for you. Research has shown that more than 90 percent of all riders involved in crashes were either self-taught or taught by friends. The MSF’s newest curriculum, the Basic RiderCourse, is available at over 1,100 training sites across the U.S. Call information on training in your area, toll-free (800) 446-9227 or visit www.msf-usa.org.

2) Get Licensed -- For information on licensing requirements in your state, visit www.msf-usa.org/pages/operatorfs.html. MSF worked with the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to update an improved motorcycle operator licensing system, creating an official national standard.

3) Ride Sober -- Recent data confirms that alcohol is involved in almost half of all single-vehicle motorcycle crashes. Don’t drink and ride. And don’t ride impaired. Drugs (prescription, over-the-counter, or otherwise) diminish visual capabilities and affect judgement.

4) Ride Responsibly -- Wear protective gear, including a helmet approved to meet DOT (Department of Transportation) standards, eye protection, jacket, full-fingered gloves, long pants, and over-the-ankle boots. Keep your bike well maintained. Maintain proper lane positioning to further increase your visibility to drivers, and keep a “space cushion” between your bike and other traffic. Most importantly, know your skill level and ride within it.

Continuing a 30-year commitment to motorcycle safety

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Since its inception in 1973, MSF has supported state, military and independent programs in training more than 2.5 million motorcyclists to ride safely. The number of students trained has grown steadily, including an estimated increase of 15 percent in 2001 versus 2000. There were an estimated 250,000 RiderCourse participants in 2002.

MSF offers an expanded number of rider training courses that provide motorcyclists with continuous opportunities to expand their knowledge base and improve riding skills, whether they are new or re-entry riders. Between 2003 and 2005, MSF expects to release over 18 new training courses for motorcyclists as part of its growing Rider Education and Training System.


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