Launch New Website

Author: Biz

Well as of the 15th of February, I've decided to launch the all new I hope everyone enjoys the new look and feel of the 3rd Generation Womin X website. I've decided to simplify the site a great deal compared to the last generation site. I wanted to keep things simpler and easier to manage but also focus on other aspects of Womin X. I felt that the last design was a good design and held it’s ground for 3 years, but as we all know, change is always a good thing. I've kept the Womin X Discussion board, so you can always head over there to chat with other female riders and womin x visitors.

Some of you might be asking questions about WMX Modeling, and what role that has here on WMX Modeling in fact is photography / Graphic Design service that I've (Womin X LLC) offered over the years but never made public until now. I decided to include my other hobbies and passion and integrate it with Womin X LLC by catering the services / talent to the motorcycle industry in a very edgy and stylist way. To give you a quick background about WMX Modeling, I've been conducting and producing graphic Design work for clients for over 10 years. In the past 3 years I got involved in photography and began to implement my talents in design to the photography world. During the past 3 years I've worked on sets doing Modeling shoots, commercial work, and product line photography. It’s been a wonderful passion of mine, and I finally made the decision to repackage these kinds of services with another passion of mine, Womin X LLC.

Hopefully the new site and simple approach applies to your liking, and as you explore the new site feel free to email me with any questions or suggestions. You can contact me directly at or If your a female rider or model (Male or Female) that has interest in getting a portfolio started or looking to expand his or her talents in modeling in the motorcycle industry, don’t be afraid to send an email inquiry to learn more about WMX Modeling and what services can help maximize your goals.

For those who have been here from the beginning 2003, I'm very thankful to you special women who supported the growth and changes Womin X has taken over the years. I've still held strong my original passion and goal to promote women riders globally in a way I felt would be unique and special. I'm proud to say that I've been here supporting women riders during a time when women riders didn't have much avenues or organizations to look too. Its been a wonderful time watching the women market grow, and to watch independent women abroad take lead roles in building there passion to promote women riders, and to give the women market such depth and character.

So thanks for visiting, thanks for supporting Womin X LLC over the years, and thanks for your continuing interest in women motorcycle riders and I look forward to meeting as many supporters as possible.

Womin X LLC has been here from the beginning, and Womin X LLC continues to promote women riders globally whether that be through online mediums, to promotional events, and charity donations.