Womin represents the simple plural word "Women".

It is miss spelled with an "i", so that it would represent both singular and plural forms of WOMAN & WOMEN when pronounced. Based on the individual’s pronunciation, you will quickly notice the difference in verbal representation.

Put it to the test by asking friends to pronounce the word “womin.”

Let’s clear up the confusion and let you in on what the letter “X” represents in the name Womin “X”.

The X was placed in the name solely to represent the X chromosome that creates the female species. Not to be mistake with the Y and X chromosome that creates the male species but the two X chromosomes that create the female species.


Main Entry: wom·in
Pronunciation: wu-men
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): singular wom·an
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English wīfman, from wīf woman, wife + man human being, man


Main Entry: X chromosome
Function: noun
Etymology: a sex chromosome that usually occurs paired in each female cell and single in each male cell in species in which the male typically has two unlike sex chromosomes — compare y chromosome